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Welcome to Blushi

We believe that everyone deserves to have cruelty-free
and vegan
skincare products.

Our Story

The Foundation of Blushi.

Tom Siodlak

Blushi Organics was born out of a need for organic and vegan skincare products. Everyone deserves to have vegan and cruelty-free skincare products that are free from chemicals, synthetics, and artificial dyes.

I (Tom) struggled my entire life with dry skin and it only got worse when I moved to Florida. I spent way too much money on different products and the majority were created with all sorts of chemicals — that only made my dry and sensitive skin worse!

I researched natural body butters but couldn't find one that had the right consistency, smell, and helped to keep my skin soft. After investing all this time and energy into finding the perfect skincare products, I decided to make my own.

Our body butters are created with all organic ingredients, various essential oils, and are 100% cruelty-free. Everything you see has been a labor of love. I hope you consider trying my body butters that I know you'll absolutely love!

You deserve a break.

Treat yourself to an uplifting or calming body butter.
We know your skin will love them!

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What Makes Us Different

Why choose Blushi?


The unbelievable texture

Our handmade body butters have the creamiest and most fluffly texture that melt right into your skin!



Who loves vegan-friendly products? We wouldn't create ours any other way.


Cruelty Free

Animals have feelings too. We’d never test our products on them. Ever.



Every product made by hand in small batches.


Made in the USA

We love to support small businesses and hope you support us too.



Every product made with certified organic ingredients.

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