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8 Tips for Natural, Clear Skin

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Clear skin is attractive and says a lot about you and your health. Use these tips to promote clearer looking skin.


Eating citrus fruits like pineapple, orange, lemon, and lime can help your skin. Citrus fruits are jam-packed and full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Your skin uses vitamin C and antioxidants to kill any bacteria developing under the skin. Citrus fruits help to kill it and flush it out of your system. Having those toxins flushed from your body will prevent them from coming out through your face, back, and chest. That's a huge key when you're trying to get rid of acne. Just make sure you're flushing out toxins instead of letting toxins sit in your body and come through your skin.

<h3>Derma roller</h3>

Derma roller can work for some people and may not work for others. A derma roller is pretty much like a cylinder with tiny little needles on it. You roll it up and down your skin. This helps to bring oxygen to the lower levels of your skin and helps with full blood flow, which promotes healing. Those two combined can help prevent acne and help heal any acne that you have. Depending on the kind of acne you have, this can be a painful process. If you are going to buy a derma roller, do not buy cheap. Put your money into it and buy a nice one. 

<h3>Pore-clogging ingredients</h3>

If you are using something on your face, whether it be makeup lotion or an acne product, make sure it isn't a pore-clogging formula. There are acne products out there that can clog your pores. Always stay away from pore-clogging ingredients.

<h3>Peel-off masks</h3>

You can use Elmer's glue for this, or you can use DIY charcoal peeling masks. Just Google “peel-off masks DIY.” The charcoal one is very deep cleaning. When you rip it off, you see a lot of gunk that was underneath your skin that it has pulled out. If you follow that up with a derma roller, you'll be getting a gentle skin care treatment. Removing impurities from your skin means that they won't have the chance to turn into a zit and stick around for two or three weeks. 

<h3>Body butter</h3>

If your skin is very dry, you could benefit from using body butter. Take the butter and paint it onto your dry skin. Let it seep into your skin over the next several hours. With a body butter like the butters from Blushi Organics, you'll have the benefits from the organic ingredients and essential oils.

<h3>Massage your face</h3>

Use your fingertips when you are washing and applying moisturizer to your face so as to get a nice massage going on. This will help blood circulation and stimulate your skin to help with blood flow. Stimulating your skin is going to help it repair and remove toxins.

<h3>Face yoga</h3>

Face yoga consists of various movements done to your face that help your skin to tighten and your muscles to become firmer, but it's also known to help with acne. Different facial movements, whether they be big or small, help with acne because it involves moving your skin's surface and getting that blood moving. This is also known to help reduce eye puffiness and drain toxins from your head.

<h3>Drink tea</h3>

Tea is full of antioxidants, and it cleanses and detoxifies the body. If you find you're getting nowhere with clearing your skin, try drinking tea. If you're drinking tea on a regular basis, like three to four cups a day and you're still having trouble with your skin, there's something wrong beyond just acne. It could be genetics or a hormonal issue.

Vegan products have no side effects and can also improve your skin texture. They can also naturally detoxify your skin, and enhance blood flow. Blushi Organics offers skincare products made with certified organic ingredients.

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