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5 Facts To Know About Vegan-Friendly Beauty Products

5 Facts To Know About Vegan-Friendly Beauty Products

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The vegetarian or vegan diet has become popular all over the world, and what used to be viewed as the exception is now very common. Many people make the diet switch because of the inherent health benefits and their desire to avoid exploitation of animals and nature in general. But many of those same people don't realize that using vegan-friendly, cruelty-free cosmetics, like many body butters on the market, is another way to show your concern for our animal friends and the environment.

If you are considering adopting a clean living and wellness lifestyle, here are five facts you need to know before venturing out into the marketplace.

  1. Definition. In a nutshell, a non-animal-tested product means there’s no testing by the company or another party on animals. This means not only using the finished product, but also the ingredients and formulation.
  2. Who allows what. The United States has not banned cosmetics animal testing, so check your product labels for clarification. To date, only the European Union, Norway, Israel, and India have banned cosmetics animal testing and the sale or import of newly animal-tested beauty products, and Korea recently passed a bill to ban cosmetics animal testing by 2018.
  3. Check the lists. The animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) from the US offers a search engine and a downloadable list of its qualified cruelty-free beauty brands. PETA also offers a list of animal ingredients that you may wish to avoid. However, the organization provides a caveat: “Being vegan is about helping animals, not maintaining personal purity. Boycotting products that may contain trace amounts of animal products can actually be harmful to animals in the long run. For example, by refusing to eat a veggie burger from a restaurant because the bun may contain traces of milk or eggs, you are discouraging that restaurant from offering vegan options because it seems too difficult a task.” KARA (Korea Animal Rights Association) too offers a list of vegan-friendly Korean beauty brands. The first two boxes indicate “no animal testing” and “no use of animal ingredients.”
  4. They have choices. Alternatives to animal testing include using ingredients that are already proven safe or conducting product tests using tissue cultures and the remains of slaughtered animals for the meat industry.
  5. Being vegan-friendly or cruelty-free does not stop at refusing animal-tested products. It also includes showing support for additional fair trade and vegan products. Note that a vegan product means it is exempt of any animal ingredient, including egg, milk, honey, beeswax, etc. Look for other ways to support the movement. For example, you can also opt to use makeup brushes made from synthetic fur instead of real animal fur.

The companies who produce Vegan products often invite customers to contact them and find out more about their range's benefits.

Blushi Organics is one of those companies. Our new vegan-friendly skin care products are made by hand in beautiful Florida. They are also cruelty-free as they are never tested on animals. The ingredients are all certified organic and the two main butters (Shea and Cocoa) are naturally refined.

Blushi Organics has three versions of body butter available: the first, the Oh So Lovely line, featuring florals of bergamot, chamomile, sage, and ylang-ylang; two, the Give Me A Moment calming variety featuring notes of peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, and patchouli; and three, the Totally You unscented formulation.

All three types are made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Vitamin E.

Finally, adopting Vegan Cosmetics as your contribution towards ending cruelty to animals is a very mature and humanistic move. The very thought of using an all-natural product which involves no pain towards an innocent living being will make you feel all the better about the product you use. And feeling better about yourself can do wonders for your beauty regimen beyond cosmetics -- you will get an inner glow that comes from knowing you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

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